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We welcome everyone to join us, including gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, people of differing abilities, and people of different religious, ethnic and racial backgrounds.

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First Parish is a democratic institution, run by committees of its members, but all major decisions are made by a vote of the congregation at our annual meeting, or at special parish meetings.


Committee Chairs and Officers for the 2017-2018 Church Year

Executive Board:
  • Chair: Fritz Fleischmann
  • Vice Chair: Mary Corthell
  • Treasurer: Nate Razza
  • Communications Clerk: Darline Lewis
  • At Large: Richard Mastronardi, Margaret Rolph, Susan Stromgren
Committee Chairs:
  • Annual Fund Drive: Chairs: Marshall Sugarman & Mary Corthell
    • Committee Members: Chris Flaherty
  • Archivist: Dan Bibel
  • Building and Grounds: Co-Chairs- Greg Beedy and Dan Bibel
    • Committee Members: Wesleigh Behn, David Maxson, Eve Potts,Nate Razza, Dawn Amaral, Glen D'Abate, Clayton Springer, Fred Bunger
  • Coffee Hour Host Coordinator: Ann Cunningham
  • Coming of Age and OWL: Cissy Hull-Allen and Chris Conley
  • Committee on Ministry: Chair: Arnold Kalmbach
    • Committee Members: Terry Ballanytne-Ballard, Kay Bennett and David Temple
  • CORI Administrator: Sara Drumm
  • Finance Committee: Glen D’abate, Michael Taylor, Steve Rose, Peter Gaines & Dawn Amaral
  • Food Cupboard Coordinator: Evan Springer
  • Green Sanctuary Committee Chair: Thea Iberall
    • Committee Members: Katrin Fischer, Fritz Fleischmann, Nancy Kingsbury, Eve Potts, Fred Bunger, David Temple, David Stephenson, Shirley Riga, Alison Galley, Margaret Rolph, Jeanette Ruyle
  • Medfield Farmers’ Market: Manager: Susan Stromgren
  • Membership Committee: Chair- Katrin Fisher
    • Committee Members: Kirstin D’Abate, Linda Finkle, Darline Lewis, Margaret Rolph, David Stephenson
  • Nominating Committee: Chairs: Julie DeSorgher & Jen Bartle.
  • OWL: Cissy Hull-Allen and Chris Conley.
  • Pastoral Care Committee: Duncan Glover, Becca Kornet, Shirley Riga
  • Pledge Administrator: Susan Stromgren
  • Religious Education Committee: Chair: Cissy Hull-Allen
    • Committee Members: John Kornet, Jessica Razza
    • RE Helpers: Alice, Liam, Gabe & Evan. Little Lites: Alice
  • Transition Team: Greg Beedy, Phil Burr, John Kornet, Shirley Riga and Karen Wians
  • Webmasters: Dan Bibel and John Kornet and Thea Iberall
  • Worship & Music Committee: Chair- Jen Bartle, Vice Chair: Greg Beedy
    • Committee Members: Phil Burr, Dan Henderson, Eva Kendrick, Louise Rachin, David Temple, Sarah Zitoli, Becca Kornet, Kay Bennett & Evan Springer
  • Yahoo Moderator: Diane Maxson
  • Youth Group: Arnold Kalmbach & Cissy Hull-Allen
  • Professional Staff:
  • Minister: David Chandler
  • Coordinator of Religious Education: Samantha Decker Nemeth
  • Administrator: Sandra Andreassi
  • Music Director: Eva Kendrick
  • Webperson: Daniel Bibel