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Purchase your electricity from a green source


and support First Parish!


As I was walking around Meeting House Pond on Medfield Day with our FPUU sandwich board (advertising clock tower tours), I came across an info stand for a “green energy” company called Viridian. This company provides electricity from renewable sources to utilities like NStar and National Grid, allowing consumers to choose between conventionally produced energy and two different blends of “green” energy it calls “Everyday Green” (currently 58% renewable) and “Pure Green” (100% renewable). Consumers who choose one of these options stay with their utility and continue to receive their regular bills; all they need to do is enroll with Viridian to indicate their choice of energy source.

What does it cost? Rates for “Everyday Green” are competitive with those for conventional energy. For example, as an NStar customer you are paying 7.51 cents per kwh on the fixed rate plan; with Viridian, you would pay 7.49 cents/kwh. (Pure Green is more expensive: 8.99 cents/kwh.) So why not switch and feel better about your energy use?

But here is what got my attention: there is a special fundraising deal for nonprofit organizations (like First Parish), the “Residual Fundraising Program.” For each member household that switches to Viridian for its electricity, the organization gets a monthly donation of $ 2; for each member household that switches to Viridian for natural gas, the organization gets $ 1.  So imagine: if 50  households from our community switched to Viridian’s green electricity, First Parish would get $ 100 a month, or $ 1,200 a year of virtually painless income! (And of course more if some of these households also changed their gas supplier.)

There is also a one-time cash bonus for signing up as a community: $ 250 for the first 25 electricity customers, for instance. During the months of October and November, there is an additional sign-up bonus, based on the number of households enrolled.

The Green Sanctuary Committee has researched this opportunity and encourages all First Parish households to sign up for one of Viridian’s options through the Residual Fundraising Program. I have also presented this plan to the Executive Board at its October meeting, where it met with enthusiastic support.

Members of the Green Sanctuary Committee will be staffing a sign-up table during coffee hour on Sunday, November 10. Please join us in this “green” initiative and help support First Parish!

Fritz Fleischmann

ps  Click for more information about Viridian Energy