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We welcome everyone to join us, including gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, people of differing abilities, and people of different religious, ethnic and racial backgrounds.

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Worship at First Parish

Worship is the heart of every faith community, and it is the heart of ours. The Sunday morning worship service is when we gather to lift up what is of greatest worth, to celebrate life, to seek comfort amidst our struggles, and to connect with the holy -- however we name that, through whatever lens we see it.

Our faith community is diverse and inclusive: it comprises people with widely differing theologies, including religious humanists, pantheists, theists, Jews, atheists, agnostics, ethical Christians, earth-based spirituality folks, and more. Our worship language, therefore, reflects that diversity and strives to be as inclusive as we can make it.

Our services generally follow a form derived from our Protestant heritage, with a call to worship, hymns, meditation/prayer, a moment for all ages, readings, a sermon, an offering, and a closing. But the sources of our faith flow to us from many directions, and you are as likely to hear a poem read, or a selection from Darwin, as you may hear a reading from the Bible.

We welcome you to join us Sunday mornings at 10:00 AM for worship.

Upcoming Services

Sunday – November 6
“The Fire Next Time” - Rev. David W. Chandler
As the election draws near, with ugliness and confusion at home and abroad, we may well wonder what kind of America we are about to become. The answer will hinge on what kind of Americans we have been becoming for a very long time.

Sunday – November 13
The Genako School in Tanzania - Special Guest Donna Brescia

Sunday – November 20
“Kingdom of the Sick” - Rev. David W. Chandler
“Illness as metaphor” is the famous proposition of essayist Susan Sontag. How do we understand our relationship to those who are ill – and theirs to us? When physical or mental capacity is diminished, what new possibilities might open up?

Sunday – November 27
“The Pretty-Excellent Church” - Rev. David W. Chandler
Most UU churches have solid histories of being “pretty good,” with occasional bursts of inspiration. That’s been enough in the past – is it enough for the future? If we moved our game up a notch or two, where would we look to be something more?