First Parish UU Indoor Services to Resume on Sunday, November 7!!

It is with indescribable pleasure that First Parish Unitarian-Universalist Medfield announces that the congregation will resume indoor services beginning on Sunday, November 7.

The following requirements will be in place.
• Only adults who are fully vaccinated should attend.
• Seating will be in accordance with a plan that allows families and friends to sit together, while preserving appropriate social distancing.
• All attendees will be required to wear masks.
• There will be no congregational singing. Hymns will be sung by Music Director Eva Kendrick.
• Our minister, the Rev. Dave Egan, will preach from the pulpit without a mask or barrier.
• All services will be hybrid, meaning that a live-stream of the service will be broadcast over Zoom.
• There will be no indoor coffee hour.
• Religious Exploration will be conducted in the vestry. Given that all attendees will be masked and seated at appropriate distances, and all adults will be vaccinated, children will be welcomed into the sanctuary at the beginning of services as in the past, then sung out for their classes.

HEPA-level air purification and circulation has been installed in the attic above the sanctuary. A second unit is in the vestry for the children during RE.

  • FPUU Filter Installation