Hello everyone!

My name is Samantha and I am so excited to begin this new chapter of discovery for both the families and myself. I come from two broad backgrounds that have drawn me to First Parish. Currently, I teach Pre-Kindergarten, but have experienced many different grade levels as well as mixed-age groups. I believe in learning never having an endpoint, both academically and religiously. For my religious background, I was raised in a conservative Jewish family and got married in a reformed ceremony. I was drawn to the Unitarian Universalist principles because I see them as guidance to living a full, spiritual life while doing good unto others.

I am looking forward to exploring the Seven Principles through Spirit Play and engaging with your families. Through stories, art, theatrical play, and open-minded conversation, I expect our learning as a group will go quite far. I am looking for parents and volunteers to help me in the storytelling of Spirit Play. Please contact me if you wish to join us!