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Earth Day for All Ages

Green Sanctuary Committee

Join us in celebration, inspiration and the challenges of our first Earth Day as an official Green Sanctuary Congregation of the UUA. Church Clean Up Day after – all welcome!

Weather Cancellations

Watch this space for weather cancellations/updates.

Expresso yourself coffeehouse: April 28, 2018 7:00pm

Expresso yourself coffeehouse: April 28, 2018 7:00pm

Remember the snow storm we had on the last Saturday in December and our New Year's Gala celebration with the Larger Circle Band was postponed? The Band will join us to bring in the Spring - which is our theme for the month. Joining the band will be dance caller Jacob Bloom. Jacob gears dances to the audience in front of him - children, teens, or adults - whether they have years of experience or have never danced before.  He clearly and concisely helps dancers bring dances to life.  He has taught Morris dancing to a children's Morris dance team, 18th century colonial dance steps and patterns to children in elementary schools, and contras, squares, barn dances and Klezmer dances (Eastern European Jewish dance.)  The response is always positive: Jacob finishes the dance on a high, and the audience happily comes along for the ride. Enjoy poetry, music, singing, storytelling - plus some dance steps. So bring your dancing shoes! Anyone who paid for the New Year's Gala gets in free! The Larger Circle Band formed over two years ago as a way to experience the joy of playing international folk music. Violinist Fritz Fleischmann has been in similar folk bands for dozens of years. Other members include Nancy Kingsbury (flute), Kay Bennett (piano), Thea Iberall (mandolin), Shirley Riga (percussion), Susan Stromgren (guitar), Katrin Fischer (accordion). Their name comes from a poem by Wendell Berry who says: hands are joined in a dance/and the larger circle of all creatures/passing in and out of life. The Expresso Yourself Coffeehouse is an opportunity for spoken word artists to share their poetry, stories, and songs. It is held the last Saturday of every month at 7pm at First Parish. Open mic readers have 5 minutes to share. Original or non-original poetry, stories, performance art, music or songs welcome. Sticking to theme encouraged. Teens and adults welcome. Great refreshments. Medfield TV films event and posts to Youtube. $5 suggested donation ($3 students)

First Parish people say:

What I gained from being raised at FPUU

I was raised in this church – I was raised by this church. While my biological family was spread across the world, here at First Parish I had grandparents and cousins, aunts and uncles. I had big kids to look up to and younger kids to mentor. Our community was large enough to feel grand but small enough that no one was forgotten. Read the full testimonial.

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