Weather Cancellations

Watch this space for weather cancellations/updates.

This Sunday

It’s a Spring Thing!

Religious Exploration

The vernal equinox is March 20, which makes it quite official. No guarantees on the weather, of course, but our RE kids are ready to go. They invite you to share this Special Service with them. Join us to celebrate all the possibilities of the brand-new season.

First Parish people say:

This past November, I watched a video online of a TED talk. This TED talk, given by Ash Beckham, was about coming out of the closet. In the opening of the talk, Beckham explains that the experience of coming out of the closet is not limited to the GLBTQ community, but rather, she suggests, that we all have closets, and that “all a closet is, is a hard conversation.” This definitely struck a chord with me. Read the full testimonial.

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