Coming Of Age

The Coming of Age program connects youth with adult mentors who are members of the congregation and asks them to explore their personal spirituality with the support of their mentors and the group. Youth participants in the program are encouraged to develop a greater sense of what they serve, give their hearts to, or believe. They do this through discussion, listening to guest speakers, and participating in retreats and workshops. Workshops are designed to prompt the youth, challenge their modes of thinking, and aid them in furthering their ideas. We also incorporate social action or social service projects that all participating youth and mentors do together, such as cooking and serving food at a soup kitchen.

Coming of Age (COA) is a year-long coming of age program which generally include four parts: pairing youth with adult mentors; discussions and retreats that emphasize self-awareness and confidence-building; service to the church and community; and a culminating affirmation ceremony.

Coming of Age and OWL Programs are offered in alternate years.

Our Whole Lives

The UUA Human Sexuality Program called “Our Whole Lives” or “OWL” is offered this year for our eighth and ninth-graders, and eighth and ninth-graders from the wider community. This is an acclaimed comprehensive sexuality and relationship program that is held on alternate Sundays throughout the church year. A mandatory parent orientation is held at the beginning of the program. The Our Whole Lives program will be offered Winter/Spring 2020.