We welcome you and invite you to attend our services, as our guest, as often as you can. If you’re new to Unitarian Universalism and the area, we would expect that you take time to feel comfortable. Because our church services vary from one Sunday to another, we believe you should experience several before you make a commitment to join. We also encourage you to speak to our minister and congregation members if you have questions about our faith. If you have children, you might want to talk to our Religious Exploration Director about our religious exploration programs for all ages.

In addition to attending church services, you might want to participate in some of our other church activities, e.g. an All-Church potluck or one of our “Mondays at UUMedfield” events. You could also attend an adult exploration class, help out at NewLife Home Refurnishings on our monthly Saturday shift, or volunteer at Family Promise, another of our social justice commitments.

Inquiring Members

Once you feel at home at our church, we encourage you to consider joining us and becoming a member of the congregation. You can meet with our minister. We also invite you to attend our “UU Basics” workshop. The class meets once a year, usually in January. In the class you will learn about our church, the history of Unitarian Universalism and the principles and sources of our religion.

Steps to Membership

  • We ask that you make an appointment with our minister to discuss your interest in becoming a member of First Parish Unitarian Universalist Medfield and your understanding of the U.U. Principles and Purposes.
  • We ask that you support the ongoing efforts of our Church by making a financial pledge, and some commitment of your time and energy — within your ability.  Membership includes a subscription to the UUA magazine, enables you to vote on congregational issues at the Annual Meeting and other special meetings, and allows you to serve in leadership positions within the church.
  • We ask that you sign the membership book to add your name to the list of members that dates back to 1651.  We usually have new members sign the book at a Sunday service in the fall or spring.