Rev Dave speaking

Keeping the Sabbath

“I’m so busy” seems to be a universal refrain. According to Wayne Muller, “we say this to one another as if our exhaustion were a trophy, our ability to withstand stress a mark of character.” Perhaps it is time to reconsider the biblical injunction to … read more.

This Interval Called Life

According to Anon (that most prolific of writers),  “For years I never knew whether the twilight was the ending of the day or the beginning of the night, and then I understood that this doesn’t matter at all, for time is but a circle, and … read more.

Christmas Eve Service

A traditional celebration of the season, this 20-minute, intergenerational Christmas Eve service will take place on the steps of the meetinghouse, to accommodate everyone and allow for congregational singing of Christmas carols. The service will feature our FPUU Choir and our traditional Silent Night candle … read more.