Rev Dave speaking

Why I Love FPUU

During this lay-led service, members of the congregation will give personal testimonials about all that this congregation means to them. If you ever thought about bringing a friend to church, this would be a great time to start! Zoom access here. Order of Service and Announcements … read more.

The Mish-Mash Heart

Being emotionally vulnerable means acknowledging feelings, taking a risk, and tolerating some uncertainty. Bring the whole family to this intergenerational worship service that will explore the inherent vulnerability of loving and being loved. Zoom access here. Order of Service and Announcements hereDon’t forget … read more.

Renewing our Covenant

As our annual pledge drive formally kicks off, we will hear about why supporting First Parish is important. Every year we renew our covenant with one another to take care of this community; to give our time, our talents, and our resources, so that we … read more.