Rev Dave speaking

Pride Sunday

As we celebrate Pride Month, come join us for this service where we honor LGBTQIA+ folks. During this service, we will hear testimonials from folks showing pride in their gender identity, gender expression, and sexuality. For regardless of who you love or how you identify, this is a congregation that welcomes all of who you … Continue reading Pride Sunday

Amplifying the Charge – Transformation

In anticipation of the upcoming final vote at General Assembly on the updated Article 2 bylaw (the Proposed UU Values and Covenant), today we will explore the value of “transformation”. This service will bookend our 4-session small group ministry discussion series “Amplifying the Charge” that supported learning, reflection, and faithful conversations for individual and collective … Continue reading Amplifying the Charge – Transformation

Flower Communion Sunday

During this intergenerational worship service, we celebrate the abundance and beauty of the season by bringing flowers gathered from gardens or roadsides to share with others in the congregation. In addition, we will welcome new members to our congregation. Please bring some flowers from your garden to share with the congregation. Zoom access here. Order … Continue reading Flower Communion Sunday