Flower Communion for All Ages

A service to celebrate the beauty of nature, rededicate us to a better world, and honor those martyred for freedom of conscience. Please bring fresh flowers to be joined together, given our blessing and then taken home by each of us. Bridging Sunday. 

“My Uncle, Leonardo”

Yes – that Leonardo. We are relatives, you see. So are you. It turns out the gene pool is broad but a little shallower than we may have suspected. The next family reunion may be crowded, but think of the stimulating conversations you’ll have! Religious Exporation for children. 

Pass the Ballots

The most tumultuous electoral politics in a century has gone on for almost three years, with an end less and less in sight. Long-term grievances, short-term maneuvers, rage and rancor – will America just keep boiling over? Maybe we are broken. No RE today.