Rev Dave speaking

The Moon in a Puddle

We end our worship each Sunday by saying, “Let our service begin”—but how do we decide how to be of service? Is there a best way to do good? Jill Gaulding, our guest speaker, will reflect on this question, drawing on her Zen Buddhist practice … read more.

The Transcendentalists

It was the 19th Century Transcendentalists who transformed Unitarianism from a liberal Christianity whose truth claims were dependent upon the miracles of Jesus to a religious faith centered in a direct experience of the holy. Who were these Transcendentalists?
This will be an outdoor service, … read more.

Bring a Friend Sunday

Do you have a friend or neighbor who might be interested in learning more about our spiritual community? If so, this would be a good Sunday to invite them to come with you. This service promises not only to inspire and challenge long-time members, but … read more.