Rev Dave speaking

UU Gadflies and Visionaries

This Sunday, Rev. Dave will share his impressions of our 2023 Unitarian Universalist General Assembly. This is a pivotal time in our faith’s journey where old patterns, privileges, and priorities are being challenged. The backlash from this transformation is both predictable and deeply challenging. Zoom … read more.

Ingathering: From Many Waters

Welcome back to church! On this the first regular service of the new church year, you are invited to bring water from a place you have traveled to this past summer. Whether your water is from the Nile River or your kitchen sink, come share … read more.

Lay-led Summer Services

Summer Worship Services are back! Lay-led by volunteers, held in the vestry (social hall), and at an earlier time (9:30) so you can get to the beach or wherever for your summer fun. Summer worship is a time for sharing and introspection. Join us!

July 9 … read more.