Flower Communion for All Ages

A service to celebrate the beauty of nature, rededicate us to a better world, and honor those martyred for freedom of conscience. Please bring fresh flowers to be joined together, given our blessing and then taken home by each of us. Bridging Sunday.

Who’s on First? – You Are

At the end of your ministerial transition, get ready for…another transition! Sorry if this feels like “base-and- switch,” but there you go. Let’s revisit and reframe the question with which we started. This is also Religious Exploration Recognition Sunday.

No Kicking the Cats

“Herding cats”? That may be. My wisdom hard earned over a quarter century of leading UUs is the cats don’t like being kicked and the minister will probably sprain something. I will share this and other semi-reliable epiphanies. No Religious Education class this Sunday. … read more.