Rev Dave speaking

Music Sunday

On this Sunday, our fabulous Music Director Eva Kendrick and our Worship and Music Committee will offer an intergenerational worship service filled with the power of song. During this Music Sunday, we will hear from our First Parish Choir and other singers and musicians as … read more.

Broken your Vows a Thousand Times…

As Valentine’s Day draws near, we talk about love and the relationships. But what happens when we fall short and break our vows to one another? How do we come back into right relationship after harm has been done? As the Sufi poet Rumi reminds … read more.

What’s Really Real?

Some of us are natural born skeptics, firmly entrenched in the rational, in the material world. But what if there really is a lot more to life? Come this Sunday with an open heart to the unseen possibilities to the universe. Zoom access here. … read more.