Granite Statues, Feet of Clay

Who gets a statue in a public place, and why? Who doesn’t, and how do they feel about that? How does an artifact on display have meaning? Whose meaning should it be and why does that matter? Bill is on our Worship and Music Committee. Religious Exploration offered for children. 

All Hat (and No Cattle)

Ministry is not a profession for the shy or uncertain – not, at least, for those who can’t adapt to the demands of public leadership. Here are some thoughts about what to expect in the way of adaptation, and how to consider it healthy – or not. Religious Exploration offered for children

Groundhog Day-after

Bill Murray and Andi McDowell’s famous movie was released in 1993. We likely got the joke a long time ago. But after 25 years, what happens to us on Feb. 3, the day after Groundhog Day? The groundhog goes home – where do we go? Religious Exploration offered for children.