Helping Hands

Provides meals to parishioners who are sick or in the hospital, or in other situations where such help would be welcome. Members may contact the coordinator through the church administrator.

Pastoral Care

The ministry of presence and listening in times of personal hardship is provided by the minister with the help of a recently created and specially trained pastoral care team. There are currently five members of the team in addition to the minister: Duncan Glover, Nicole Hall, Becca Kornet, and Shirley Riga. They meet monthly with the minister and all team members welcome contact from members of the congregation.

Sharing Pastoral Concerns or Joys with the Congregation

There are many ways to share the joys and sorrows of your life with others in the church. During the Sunday service, people are invited to light candles and speak briefly about the joy or sorrow they face. For example, many people find their burden eased somewhat when they share the news of a loved one’s death.

Others may prefer to mention something to the minister, who can incorporate the concern or joy in the service anonymously through the pastoral prayer/meditation.

Another, and new, way to share one’s joys and sorrows with other folks in the church is by writing it on an index card, and then putting that on the Pastoral Care Easel in the vestry. People can read the concern or joy, and respond in their hearts through prayer, or directly with words.