Adult Education

A church home is a faith community that supports and pushes each of us to grow, love and live in the light of shared values and commitments. Adult enrichment opportunities are an important part of this growing, loving and living.

Classes, Workshops, Groups

Adult Faith Development monthly groups: 

“Chalice Circles for Spirituality and…”

We feel spiritual when we feel a deep connection with something greater than ourselves- with the natural world, with those who have gone before, with a creative spirit, with God.

These gatherings are open to any adult.  Although there is an intended progression, each session is a stand-alone opportunity.

The core of the content is our shared life stories in response to important themes, and the insights we draw from those stories. The groups are open, supportive, nurturing environments that promote and facilitate deep listening, spiritual growth, and care for one another.

Themes and dates for 2019:

  • “Spirituality and Religion” January 13
  • “Spirituality and Worship” February 10
  • “Spirituality and Practice” March 10
  • “Spirituality and Faith” April 14
  • “Spirituality and Living in Our World” May TBD

Sessions are 1.5 hours long, 11:45 am -1:15 pm, and structured with a welcome, chalice lighting, group covenant review, check-in, readings, sharing and deep listening, and a closing.

These Chalice Circles are a type of Small Group Ministry and similar to Covenant Groups with a few differences.  Expressed intention to attend is appreciated but not required.

Please direct any questions you have to Jeanette Ruyle who will be the facilitator for the five gatherings. 

Church Choir

Our adult choir practices on most Sunday mornings before the service at 9:00 AM during the church year. Special musical events, such as productions of the music director’s original musicals, are held occasionally.