Adult Education

A church home is a faith community that supports and pushes each of us to grow, love and live in the light of shared values and commitments. Adult enrichment opportunities are an important part of this growing, loving and living.

Classes, Workshops, Groups

Chalice Circles

Sunday afternoons

Chalice circles consist of six to ten people that meet once a month for an hour and one-half. The gatherings invite intimacy, allow for serious engagement with religious and spiritual topics and usually include some periodic expression of our principles and values in action.

The intention of each session is to balance the personal and the thought-provoking. The core of the content is our shared life stories in response to important themes, and the insights we draw from those stories. The groups are open, supportive, nurturing environments that promote and facilitate spiritual growth and mutual, interactive care for one another.

The format of the group consists of a check in among the members, a reading, and a discussion of members’ reactions/reflections/thoughts about the readings. Topics can range from world religions to more personal topics such as friendship, community, nature, etc. The Chalice Circle is a more intimate place to get to know one another at the same time as providing the opportunity to explore meaningful topics with other members of our community.

Ongoing Programs

Church Choir

Our adult choir practices on most Sunday mornings before the service at 9:00 AM during the church year. Special musical events, such as productions of the music director’s original musicals, are held occasionally.