First Parish is a democratic institution, run by committees of its members, but all major decisions are made by a vote of the congregation at our annual meeting, or at special parish meetings.

Current Committee Chairs and Officers

Executive Board:
  • Chair: Bill Wians
  • Vice Chair: Jenifer Bartle
  • Treasurer: Glen D’Abate
  • Communications Clerk: Kay Bennett
  • At Large: David Russell, Sarah Zitoli, Jeanette Ruyle
Committee Chairs:
  • Annual Fund Drive: Chairs: Marshall Sugarman & Mary Corthell
    • Committee Members: Chris Flaherty, Fritz Fleischmann, Duncan Glover, Louise Rachin
  • Building and Grounds: Chair – David Russell
    • Committee Members: Glen D’Abate, Sara Drumm, David Maxson, Eve Potts, David Temple
  • Chancel Team: Louise Rachin, Margaret Rolph
  • Committee on Ministry: Chair – Karen Wians, Minister – Rev. Dave Egan
    • Committee Members: Duncan Glover, John Kornet, Nate Razza
  • Communications Team: Sandra Andreassi (Mailchimp), Michael Dewhirst (Press Releases), Rev. Dave Egan (Mailchimp), John Kornet (Web), Jessica Razza (Social Media)
  • CORI Administrator: Sara Drumm
  • Food Manager/Serve Safe: Ann Cunningham
  • Green Sanctuary Committee Chair: Jeanette Ruyle
    • Committee Members: Katrin Fischer, Fritz Fleischmann, Thea Iberall, Eve Potts, Margaret Rolph, Susan Stromgren
  • Membership Outreach Committee: Chairs- Martha Castle, Jessica Razza
    • Committee Members: Kirsten D’Abate, Rev. Dave Egan, Richard Mastronardi, Bill Wians
  • Nominating Committee: Patricia Castle, Margaret Rolph
  • Pastoral Care Team: Ann Cunningham, Rev. Dave Egan, Duncan Glover, Nicole Hall, Becca Kornet, Shirley Riga
  • Pledge Administrator: Sandra Andreassi
  • Religious Exploration Committee: Chairs – Kirsten D’Abate, Tiane Jennings Minister – Rev. Dave Egan
    • Committee Members: Cissy Hull-Allen, Kara DelTufo, John Kornet, Karen Wians, Sarah Zitoli
  • Religious Exploration Neighboring Faiths: Becca Kornet
  • Religious Exploration OWL 8-9: Jen Bartle, John Kornet
  • Religious Exploration Coming of Age: Cissy Hull-Allen, Chris Conley
  • Religious Exploration Youth Group: Arnold Kalmbach, Cissy Hull-Allen
  • Re-Opening Task Force: Chair- Bill Wians
    • Committee Members: Martha Castle, Mary Corthell, Leanne Harvey, David Maxson, Jennifer Polinski, Karen Wians
  • Social Justice Incubator: Kay Bennett, Thea Iberall, Becca Kornet, Jeanette Ruyle, Nicole Silvestri-Hall
  • Social Justice Anti-Racism Team: Kay Bennett, Thea Iberall, Becca Kornet, Jeanette Ruyle, Nicole Silvestri-Hall
  • Social Justice New Life Furniture Bank Volunteer Lead: Duncan Glover
  • Wayside Pulpit Ministry Team: Jeanette Ruyle, Susan Stromgren
  • Webmasters: John Kornet and Margaret Rolph
  • Worship & Music Committee: Chair- Michael Dewhirst, Vice Chair- Kay Bennett, Music Director- Eva Kendrick, Minister- Rev. Dave Egan
    • Committee Members: Patricia Castle, Becca Kornet, Susan Harlow, Louise Rachin, Margaret Rolph, David Temple

Professional Staff:

  • Minister: Dave Egan
  • Administrator: Sandra Andreassi
  • Music Director: Eva Kendrick