Poetry Sunday

Poetry Sunday’s a First Parish tradition–
If you have some jotting for this year’s edition on Sunday the twenty-first day of November This simple request you’re asked to remember: For the order of service please send me the title Of ode, lyric, elegy, sonnet or idyll.

Send it to double-u-wians-at-mac-
Dot-com to be listed whether genius or hack.
It could be by Kipling, a Browning or Drabble,
John Milton, Will Shakespeare—yourself if you’re able. If the service is filled with great meter, who knows?
I just may be willing to stick to plain prose

– Bill Wians

This will be an indoor, in-person worship service, that will be streamed over Zoom as well. To join the service on zoom, click here.  For the Order of service, here.  For hymns, here.