sanctuary about 1926

The Meeting House has changed over the years since it was first ‘raised’ in 1789.

Here is a picture of the Sanctuary, taken about 1926.

And here is how the exterior of First Parish looked, taken about the same time (note the pathway leading directly to the front entrance – traces of it still remain in our front yard!).

These two wonderful pictures were donated to First Parish by Ms Deborah Merritt, granddaughter of the Rev Harold and Anita Pickett, co-Ministers at First Parish.

exterior about 1926

The history of First Parish is, in part, a history of the people who made the church – the ministers and the members. Although little is known about our earliest members, at least a little is known about our ministers. Here is a listing of the previous ministers at First Parish. Details will be filled in as they are discovered.

First Parish is beginning the process of digitizing some of its historic documents. With the help of Digital Commonwealth, two volumes of our historical records are now available on line.

The first is “Record of Prudential Committee meetings beginning November 13, 1939, ending September 16, 1947”

The second is simply titled “Medfield First Parish, some events, 1869-1871”.

Both are available on line at