Speaker: Rev. Dave Egan

It’s the Principle of the Thing

What is it about Unitarian Universalism that speaks to us, that guides us, that helps us to become better people? Why do we hold fast to this faith that at times can seem ambiguous and wide open? How do we see our faith guiding us … read more.

Where Have All the Sand Dollars Gone?

I recently walked along the shores of Ferry Beach in search of a sand dollar, something that has been almost impossible to find lately. I finally came to the conclusion that the ecology of this beach has changed, and perhaps I should accept this change.  … read more.

Our Cup Runneth Over

Welcome back!  After being apart this summer, we will reconvene and ask the question: why church? What is it about this community that connects us and adds meaning to our lives?  With all that is happening in our lives, why do we return to this … read more.

Pride Sunday

As we celebrate Pride Month, come join us for this service where we honor LGBTQIA+ folks.  During this intergenerational service, we will hear testimonials from folks showing pride in their gender identity, gender expression, and sexuality.  For regardless of who love or how you identify, … read more.

Flower Communion Sunday

On this Sunday we celebrate the abundance and beauty of the season by bringing flowers gathered from gardens or roadsides to share with others in the congregation. For this worship service, we will welcome new members to our congregation, and show our gratitude for all … read more.

The Hermit of Tatooine

Ever since human beings have known fear, they have created super-human figures that can protect them from harm and can keep out the monstrous other, whether that mythical protector is Gilgamesh, Sampson, Moon Knight, or Obi-Wan Kenobi.  Today we will explore why this heroic archetype … read more.

Worship at Ferry Beach

Please note that worship on this Sunday will take place in The Grove at Ferry Beach in Saco, Maine, where many from the congregation will be on retreat. There will be no worship service at our meetinghouse in Medfield. However for those not attending Ferry … read more.

“A Devil Who Meddles?”

One of the ancient questions that continues to be asked is why bad things happen to good people.  Could it be that there’s a malevolent force at work in the universe?  Or is that just the way life is?  This will be an indoor, in-person worship … read more.

Happy Endings

Three of the ancient spring stories begin with laments, with cries of despair:  Persephone is captured by Hades and taken to the Underworld; the first-born sons of Egypt all die before the Hebrew people can escape from bondage; Jesus is crucified.  And yet all three … read more.

Commitment Sunday

The former UUA Moderator, Denny Davidoff, says, “In the end what really counts is not how much we have but what we have done with it, how many we have helped, how much we have shared. In the end our only permanent possession is that … read more.