Speaker: Rev. Dave Egan

Forgive Me

Yom Kippur is the holiest day of the year in Judaism, where atonement and repentance are sought for any sins committed over the previous year. When we cause injury to those we love and even to those we have never met, how do we make … read more.

UU Gadflies and Visionaries

This Sunday, Rev. Dave will share his impressions of our 2023 Unitarian Universalist General Assembly. This is a pivotal time in our faith’s journey where old patterns, privileges, and priorities are being challenged. The backlash from this transformation is both predictable and deeply challenging. Zoom … read more.

Ingathering: From Many Waters

Welcome back to church! On this the first regular service of the new church year, you are invited to bring water from a place you have traveled to this past summer. Whether your water is from the Nile River or your kitchen sink, come share … read more.

Pride Sunday

As we celebrate Pride Month, come join us for this service where we honor LGBTQIA+ folks. During this service, we will hear testimonials from folks showing pride in their gender identity, gender expression, and sexuality. For regardless of whom you love or how you identify, … read more.

Coming of Age Sunday

Come join us for this special intergenerational service. We will hear the credo statements from our youth who just completed the Coming of Age program, supported by their mentors who have guided them along the way. This is a Sunday not to be missed! Zoom … read more.

Worship at Ferry Beach

Join us for this worship service that will take place among the pines in the outdoor chapel at Ferry Beach in Saco, Maine, where many from the congregation will be on retreat. Please note that there will be no worship service at our meetinghouse in … read more.

What Do Moms (& Dads) Really Want?

As a society, we’ve focused on the Good Life for the individual. On this Mother’s Day, as we think about the world our children and grandchildren will inherit from us, what about the Common Good? Join us for an intergenerational service when we honor mothers … read more.

Flower Communion Sunday

On this, the 100th anniversary of the first flower communion service, we celebrate the abundance and beauty of the season by bringing flowers gathered from gardens or roadsides to share with others in the congregation.  Please bring some flowers to share with the congregation. Zoom … read more.

Awakening to Injustice

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Today we will be hearing testimonials from two survivors of sexual assault. The collection from today’s service will go to support New Hope, a local domestic violence shelter. Zoom access here. Order of Service and Announcements here.

Turning to Thomas

An American-born Zen priest jokes: “Had I known the Gospel of Thomas, I wouldn’t have had to become a Buddhist!” This Gospel describes the teachings of Jesus in a way that is very different from what we read in the Gospel of John, a gospel … read more.