Speaker: Rev. Dave Egan

It’s a Spring Thing

The vernal equinox is March 20, which makes it quite official. No guarantees on the weather, of course, but our RE kids are ready to go. They invite you to share this special intergenerational worship service with them. Join us to celebrate all the possibilities … read more.

Peace is Every Step

TO JOIN THE SERVICE, CLICK here.For Order of Service, here.  For hymns, here.  How do we invite equilibrium, non-attachment, and compassion into our lives or, if we have them, how do we increase their presence and power? Developing compassion for ourselves requires … read more.

From Ally to Action

TO JOIN THE SERVICE, CLICK here. For Order of Service, click here.  For hymns, here. During this intergenerational service, our children will explore what it means to be an ally to those who have been historically and systematically marginalized. Building off of their … read more.

Side With Love Sunday

TO JOIN THE SERVICE, CLICK here.  For Order of Service, here  For hymns, here.  What if to “side with love” meant making bold, faith-full choices? What if it were even a little bit scary? This worship service brings together worship leaders … read more.

What I Love About First Parish

There are so many reasons why folks join our First Parish community.   During this service, members of the congregation will give personal testimonials about why they love First Parish.  If you ever thought about inviting a friend to church, this would be a great … read more.

After COVID: Let’s Dream!

Join us for this collaborative worship service including several local ministers, where we will exercise our imaginations and share dreams about what happens next.  How do we imagine the pandemic will affect different parts of our culture? What does church look like after COVID? Justice after … read more.

Reflections on Racism

“White supremacy” is a provocative phrase, as it conjures up images of mobs in white hoods. However, actual “white supremacists” aren’t required to uphold white supremacist culture — that is, the set of institutional assumptions and practices, often operating unconsciously, that tend to benefit … read more.

If He Only Had a Dog…

During this intergenerational worship service, all are invited to introduce your pets or stuffed animals to the congregation. There will be a time for your furry friend to receive a special blessing, testimonials from our children, and fun music to celebrate our beloved animals. For … read more.

Release 2020, Welcome Hope

As we say goodbye to 2020 and welcome in the new year, we ask ourselves: What’s holding us back?  What’s getting in the way of living as fully as we’d like?  What from the past year might we burn away and release?  During this burning … read more.

Christmas Eve Service

A traditional celebration of the season, our intergenerational Christmas Eve service will feature lots of holiday stories, the lighting of candles, and traditional Christmas hymns.