Speaker: Rev. Dave Egan

Don’t Let the Light Go Out

This service will focus on the timeless story of the Maccabees reclaiming and rededicating their temple in Jerusalem with a single oil lamp that lasted way beyond its usual burning time. This is a powerful metaphor for the tenacity of the human spirit and the … read more.

Cranberry Sauce Stains

Every year, we Americans give our best impression of a Norman Rockwell painting, as we sit down together to share a meal of thanks. Yet for most of us, our families fail to live up to these unrealistic expectations. This time of year can sometimes … read more.

Thank You For Your Service

As we mark Veteran’s Day, we reflect on what it means to serve in our military. What does it mean to be a soldier in a time of persistent, ongoing war? What are the emotional and spiritual impacts they face when defending our freedom or … read more.

The Jagged Edge of Uncertainty

This Sunday, we welcome back the congregation to worship in together in our sanctuary, or to stream the service from home. It has been a long 18 months away from our meetinghouse! Yet, while we joyfully return to our religious home, uncertainty for the future … read more.

A Circle of Memory

This is the time of the year when pagans celebrate Samhain and Christians observe All Souls Day. It’s a time when some believe that the veil separating us from our loved ones who have died becomes thin. This will be a Sunday for remembering, so … read more.

Side with Love

What does it mean to be grasped by love? Not sentimental or romantic love. Not love that is pliable or yields to force. But the kind of love displayed by the Hebrew prophets, Amos and Isaiah, by Ghandi and Martin Luther King. The love that … read more.

Gaining Control

Are you bombarded by demands on your time, by feelings of guilt if you dare say “no” to yet another request?  Are you stretched way too thin & gasping for breath?  Is this really how you want to live this one wild and precious life … read more.

The Transcendentalists

It was the 19th Century Transcendentalists who transformed Unitarianism from a liberal Christianity whose truth claims were dependent upon the miracles of Jesus to a religious faith centered in a direct experience of the holy. Who were these Transcendentalists?
This will be an outdoor service, … read more.

Bring a Friend Sunday

Do you have a friend or neighbor who might be interested in learning more about our spiritual community? If so, this would be a good Sunday to invite them to come with you. This service promises not only to inspire and challenge long-time members, but … read more.