Rev David Chandler

No Wings, No Worry?

We can all be experts in our own minds, even if in nobody else’s. The holidays are a good time to choose something different. Religious Exploration for children. 

Believing Eve

The First Woman got a bum rap in the First Story – and we have been living with the consequences ever since. They are not good. It turns out she is not the only character who is misunderstood. Let’s start at the beginning and reclaim … read more.

Making Worship Worthy

Sunday worship services are the core expression of our religious community, the center of energy connected in all its other elements. How does our worship work? How do we understand it so that we may participate in this vital collective activity? Religious Exploration for Children. 

Annual Remembrance: “Day of the Dead”

We will celebrate all those who live in our hearts but no longer in our world. Pictures and mementos are welcome for our Altar of Remembrance, and spirit world decorations as well. We will salute all souls with drums and rhythm instruments. All-ages Service. 

Six Smooth Stones

The metaphor was five stones for the UU theologian James Luther Adams, but the UUA General Assembly made them one more. Our children are studying this year the “Six Sources” of our living tradition. We should understand them as well. Religious Exploration for children. 

Neither Here Nor There

“The Big Sleep.” “The Long Goodbye.” “Snow was general all over Ireland.” The truth of our mortality comes upon us – what does it mean? How does it make us different? Face to face, how can we go about all the living that is still … read more.

Of Time and the Reverend

It takes at least seven years to become a UU minister, but nobody knows how long it takes every week to do the job in a congregation. The responsibilities and the tasks don’t align. It is important to understand what that means for FPUU. Religious … read more.

A Quantum of Forgiveness

Way too much forgiveness is needed these days – way too much. But then, hasn’t it always been so? Ancient practice reminds us the motion is what is required. We are not asked to be perfect at forgiving either, just willing to try on occasion. … read more.

Ask the Minister

As you are quite aware, Rev. David knows lots of semi-useful stuff. He may just have an answer for your question. So come prepared to ask away! Ask the big ones; ask the small ones. Taking them one at a time, the minister will try … read more.