Speaker: Rev David Chandler

Flower Communion for All Ages

A service to celebrate the beauty of nature, rededicate us to a better world, and honor those martyred for freedom of conscience. Please bring fresh flowers to be joined together, given our blessing and then taken home by each of us. Bridging Sunday.

Who’s on First? – You Are

At the end of your ministerial transition, get ready for…another transition! Sorry if this feels like “base-and- switch,” but there you go. Let’s revisit and reframe the question with which we started. This is also Religious Exploration Recognition Sunday.

No Kicking the Cats

“Herding cats”? That may be. My wisdom hard earned over a quarter century of leading UUs is the cats don’t like being kicked and the minister will probably sprain something. I will share this and other semi-reliable epiphanies. No Religious Education class this Sunday.

Being Wrong Religiously

How we move through the world matters. Being wrong is an inevitable part of the trip, and using a religious perspective can help us to stay whole inside. Taking in the scenery doesn’t have to mean a sectarian or even theistic frame. Religious Exploration offered for children.

Easter Sunday for All Ages

We will begin the service with a Hat Parade for everyone. Plan to don your best chapeau and promenade! We will have a special “egg-sighting” Time for All Ages, spring Choir music, special reading and a homily called “Made for Goodness.” Then kids go out for the Easter egg hunt.

Commitment Sunday

“Love Will Guide Us” is the Annual Fund Drive theme this year. Today we turn in our pledges (or virtual pledges, if yours is already in). “Falling Upward” will be the homily. The Membership Committee will also honor the “us.” Religious Exploration offered for children.

Standing on the Rock

We crouch in these times rich in crisis. “Standing” may hardly seem an option. Moving ahead may look to be only sorrowful delusion. We know Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. stood in a similar time of fear and fate and knew it was a crisis of the spirit. Religious Exploration offered for children

It’s a Spring Thing!

The vernal equinox is March 20, which makes it quite official. No guarantees on the weather, but our RE kids are ready to amaze you for the second year in a row. They invite you to share this Special Service. Join us to celebrate the possibilities. All Ages.

A Darker Mask

Why is the face we show to others so often not the one they prefer? Why is it so often not the one we prefer? Why do we mask up? There are reasons why who we are, in public and even in private, might not be the real who we are at all. Religious Exploration … Continue reading A Darker Mask

Attitude for Altitude

ANNUAL FUND DRIVE SUNDAY will kick off our campaign to support First Parish over the coming fiscal year. “Love Will Guide Us” is this year’s theme. Rev. David shares thoughts on aiming in the right direction for the best future. Religious Exploration offered for children.