Rev David Chandler

Outside Epiphany

Saul was famously knocked off the donkey, but most UUs think in terms of Walden Woods or the Grand Canyon.  Still, “direct experience” surprisingly remains our access point for “transcending mystery and wonder.”  How does that work?  Religious Exploration offered for children. 

Anger Management

One of the satyagraha principles Dr. King learned from Gandhi was the management of anger in the personal and public sphere. It is like dynamite, of course. Handle with great care, especially when the ends seem to be overwhelmingly positive. Religious Exploration offered for … read more.

A Janus Service

The holidays fade, the New Year begins, the depth of winter comes – and our feelings may be ambivalent. This Sunday we will have rituals of Endings and Beginnings, letting go of what must now be past and welcoming our hopes and dreams for … read more.

The Live-Lamb Nativity

Everybody at the first Christmas was there by chance. The animals were, of course, but also all those “travelers afar.” No Religious Exploration – Little Lights only. 

No Wings, No Worry?

We can all be experts in our own minds, even if in nobody else’s. The holidays are a good time to choose something different. Religious Exploration for children. 

Believing Eve

The First Woman got a bum rap in the First Story – and we have been living with the consequences ever since. They are not good. It turns out she is not the only character who is misunderstood. Let’s start at the beginning and reclaim … read more.

Making Worship Worthy

Sunday worship services are the core expression of our religious community, the center of energy connected in all its other elements. How does our worship work? How do we understand it so that we may participate in this vital collective activity? Religious Exploration for Children. 

Annual Remembrance: “Day of the Dead”

We will celebrate all those who live in our hearts but no longer in our world. Pictures and mementos are welcome for our Altar of Remembrance, and spirit world decorations as well. We will salute all souls with drums and rhythm instruments. All-ages Service.