Ask the Minister

As you are quite aware, Rev. David knows lots of semi-useful stuff. He may just have an answer for your question. So come prepared to ask away! Ask the big ones; ask the small ones. Taking them one at a time, the minister will try to explain it all. Religious Exploration for children. 

Ingathering Sunday

Our first Sunday is to renew and reconnect. Please bring water and words of the heart for Water Communion. Your water can come from anywhere. Your words can tell us where your spirit has journeyed. Whether you were happy or sad or sunburned, whether you felt stretched or squeezed, you are invited to share.  All-ages … Continued

Blessing of the Backpacks

This multi-generational worship service for all ages features backpacks!  And blessings!  For First Parish, this blessing of backpacks might become a new tradition.  It centers around not just children, but the congregation as a whole– all of us of all ages– coming together to show our support for each other, especially with the next step of … Continued